Boxers on Boxing Day

Okay just after Boxing Day but it made for a cute title.

Who doesn’t love a boxer? Those faces really are something else and these two were hilarious to photograph. The eldest of the two is Tai and his companion is 6 month old Rylee. Click the ‘Continue Reading’ link below the photo to see some of my favourites from this recent pet portrait at Papamoa Beach, Tauranga, New Zealand.

Boxer dog at pet portrait Papamoa Beach

Boxer dog at pet portrait Papamoa Beach

This shot is my favourite. I don’t know if you can see it in this little web file but in the full sized image the light’s just captured her beautiful eyes and the colour of her coat against the background is really something.

Boxer dog at pet portrait Papamoa Beach

Rylee was VERY exuberant (as you’d expect from a 6 month old pup). Here she is in full swing.

Boxer dog at pet portrait Papamoa Beach

Rylee kept wanting to play with Tai but he wasn’t really into it. She wasn’t taking no for an answer though so eventually we had to separate her. She was NOT impressed. Check out the face!

Boxer dog at pet portrait Papamoa Beach

Rylee during a rare quiet moment. I’d hoped to get more of a sun flare in but opportunities were fleeting!

Boxer dog at Papamoa Beach

I just love the shape of a boxer’s body – the heavy chest tapering so finely toward the quarters. You can really see it in this photo. I’m told boxers are one of the few breeds of dogs that can’t swim – because their front end is so heavy. Can anyone confirm?

Boxer dog at Papamoa Beach

And here is Tai. Isn’t he gorgeous! I love the bird in the background here but wish its wings were up. Might have to Photoshop that … 🙂

Bye for now, and please do leave a comment. I love hearing from you all. Happy  New Year! Trilby

3 responses to “Boxers on Boxing Day

  1. christine payne

    Beautiful photos Trilby, remind me of muddles my red with hint of tiger in her…. as for swimming, neithr of mine were keen, though muddles would do a bit, possibly because she had an intact tail, so had some back-end rudder and balance? Jazz, well docked wouldn’t do more than a belly flop in the shallow!

  2. Gorgeous photos Trill glad the shoot worked out .. Happy New year to you too, just got back from Matarangi, 25 days not bad !!! : )

  3. Reblogged this on DoubleLifeDiaries and commented:
    Amazing Boxer photography. Boxers hold a very special place in my heart ❤

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