Lines of Enquiry

It’s been raining here lately. A lot. Not that rain bothers me. The reason I mention it is because on this particular day I was scoping out Historic Village on 17th Ave, Tauranga as a potential venue for pet portraits. Conveniently, the rain drove everyone inside and I was free to take photos as if I were the only person in the world.

All these shots were taken on my iPhone – a tool I often use to quickly record areas of interest or things I might want to come back to later. I love taking photos on the iPhone. I really enjoy the wide aspect of the camera lens because it’s such a contrast to the longer lenses I usually shoot with. Also, the quality is poor, but in an interesting way. I really like the results.

You’ll see in these photos that I’ve concentrated a lot on lines. Lines in photography are a bit of a favourite of mine. I like they way they lead the eye around the picture and give form to the scene.

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