Pet Portraits at Kawakawa Bay

2 Dogs and a cat called Kebab

First off, the weather was so beautiful. I just love days like this – amazing light. Drizzly and grey. The water’s edge merged almost seamlessly into the sky. Look…

Photo of sea on overcast day

Nearly horizon-less. Gorgeous.

The trip took a couple of hours and after driving for ages I came across this cool old housebus. It was the only thing on the roadside for miles.

Photo of house bus on roadside by beach

I also saw a dead cow lying in the shallows of the ocean. No idea what happened there but she clearly wasn’t having a good day at the beach.  I should’ve got a photo really. (Would that be macabre? I could have made it tasteful, I’m sure).

But enough of all that.

Here’s Max. Isn’t he gorgeous?! He was happily relaxing in front of the fire when I arrived and was only mildly interested in receiving visitors. I was transfixed by his beautiful colouring. Get a load of those feet!

Photo of dog on couch

Photo of dog on couch, closeup of feet

After a few shots at the house, Mum Lee, and kids Callum and Lauren all piled into the ute and when we got close to the beach they let him out.

I stayed in the car and shot these from the passenger’s window.

Photo of dog running on beach, long shot and close up of head and front feet

photo of dog running past a 'no dogs' sign

Ooops... "Run Max, RUN!"

Here are a few more of Max from the rest of the day.

Photo of dog standing on rock

Photo of hunting dog in front of row of trees

black and white photo of dog running through bush

Dog swimming with toy in misty water

After Max, I went to see TJ (Yorkie) and Kebab (cat)

Here are my faves of them. Hasn’t Kebab got a hilarious expression! I seriously thought he was going to have a go for a minute. Then he decided he could tolerate me after all. But just for a minute.

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