Zip & Zak’s Rainy Day at The Lakes

These little guys were such a delight today. SO well behaved, you wouldn’t believe it. And their mum Nadine drove them an hour and a half for their photo shoot even though it was raining and really pretty yuck.

Now I should point out that I’m one of those odd people who actually enjoys the rain. And winter. Yep. So long as I’m not actually wet and cold, I’m very happy taking photos and hanging out in the rain, so it was entirely Nadine’s call whether she still wanted to come. I didn’t make her, I promise!

So we met at The Lakes in Tauranga and crossed our fingers the weather would improve. Zip and Zak had a quick stretch when they got out of the car, and then we found a sheltered spot under a bridge to start the shoot…

Photo of dog during pet portrait

Here's Zip on about frame 8. You can see he's a bit damp already from the rain dripping from the roof. Dear wee soul.

Dog howling

And here's Zip letting us know he feels about being photographed in the rain!

These guys were so incredibly well trained…

Photo of dog waiting

Zak stood quietly, waiting for his turn. Better behaved than lots of kids these days!

And finally a few favourites from the day. All-in-all, well worth persevering in the rain and a big “Good on ya mate” to Nadine for being such a trooper! She had a full-on day running all over the place, climbing up and down stairs and bridges and trying to place the lads in just the right spot for the river stones shot – not easy I can assure you.

Photo of Zip the dog at a photo shoot

Zip. Isn't he elegant.

Zak the dog at a photo shoot

Zak doing his mirror image 🙂

Dog with lake in background

The lake is so beautiful. Often there are lots of people around but not in this weather - perfect!

Two dogs standing on rocks shot from above

A wide angle shot I wanted to try. Cool contrasting colours aye.

I’m off to a beach shoot again soon so keep a lookout for the next post. I’ve got some fun shots I want to try.

One response to “Zip & Zak’s Rainy Day at The Lakes

  1. Was a fun time had by all… Rain or no rain, worth the drive, but I must say Trilby doesn’t make it easy to decide which photos to get!!! They were all superb. And the rain and mist really made for some awesome backgrounds.
    Well done

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