Lusitano Stallion, “Zefiro”

There are tattered notebooks everywhere in my home, my bag and my car. Scrawled inside are ideas for photographs, lighting setups, locations and subjects. The Lusitano stallion Zefiro has been on the list for nearly two years and on Sunday I at last had the opportunity to photograph him. He is truly magnificent. Click the ‘Continue reading’ link below the photo to see more of the day’s events.

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Boxers on Boxing Day

Okay just after Boxing Day but it made for a cute title.

Who doesn’t love a boxer? Those faces really are something else and these two were hilarious to photograph. The eldest of the two is Tai and his companion is 6 month old Rylee. Click the ‘Continue Reading’ link below the photo to see some of my favourites from this recent pet portrait at Papamoa Beach, Tauranga, New Zealand.

Boxer dog at pet portrait Papamoa Beach

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Spring Pet Portraits in Auckland

Goodness I love my job. I’ve never had a pet portrait yet where I didn’t have a great time. Dog owners are always good sorts – that has a lot to do with it, and of course you’re unlikely to have a bad day when there are dogs around. Add a camera to the mix and I simply couldn’t be anywhere better.

Meet Tommy. He’s an elderly fellow, a little hard of hearing now, but still very much up to a swim in the ocean with his ball. Isn’t he adorable? It was difficult to tell whether he adored his dad Mark the most, or whether Mark adored him the most. They have the most amazing bond. Tommy is a Welsh Springer Spaniel. See below for the whole slideshow.

The same weekend I had a portrait session with three gorgeous creatures in Auckland’s Mission Bay: Rocko the pomeranian, Sapphire (a.k.a. Haggis) the West Highland Terrier, and Heidi the Golden Retriever. Super cute dogs and equally fabulous family who clearly love them all to bits. Here’s a slideshow of my favourite shots of all of the dogs from the weekend.

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Is art the only thing that’s real?

I attended a short course on impressionist photography some years back. The tutor asked us what we liked about photography and I answered ‘the escape’. One of the other course members strongly disagreed.  “No, no” he said “you’re missing the point. Art is the only thing that’s real.”

Tauranga railbridge in fog, black and white photo

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Lines of Enquiry

It’s been raining here lately. A lot. Not that rain bothers me. The reason I mention it is because on this particular day I was scoping out Historic Village on 17th Ave, Tauranga as a potential venue for pet portraits. Conveniently, the rain drove everyone inside and I was free to take photos as if I were the only person in the world.

All these shots were taken on my iPhone – a tool I often use to quickly record areas of interest or things I might want to come back to later. I love taking photos on the iPhone. I really enjoy the wide aspect of the camera lens because it’s such a contrast to the longer lenses I usually shoot with. Also, the quality is poor, but in an interesting way. I really like the results.

You’ll see in these photos that I’ve concentrated a lot on lines. Lines in photography are a bit of a favourite of mine. I like they way they lead the eye around the picture and give form to the scene.

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Pet Portraits at Kawakawa Bay

2 Dogs and a cat called Kebab

First off, the weather was so beautiful. I just love days like this – amazing light. Drizzly and grey. The water’s edge merged almost seamlessly into the sky. Look…

Photo of sea on overcast day

Nearly horizon-less. Gorgeous.

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